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How secure is Xero?
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How secure is Xero?

A question I hear often is “How safe it Xero?” This often comes up when I am chatting with a client about whether or not they want to use it.

This question is often targeted at the link between a client’s business bank accounts and the Xero programme – and the potential of whether it could be “hacked”.

As like any company, a check of their website will give you all the technical jargon you require – but here, let me save you time and simplify it all for you. This is what they are really saying:

1) The servers they use are certified as secure. When the bank sends data to Xero it is encrypted so only Xero can open it. Also, when the user logs in the data the connection is encrypted so that no one else can hack in to what you are doing. This is at the same levels as your normal internet banking.

2) Only your accountant, and you have access to Xero unless you want other people to access the software – to do this you have to specifically invite them in, there is no way for them to add themselves.

3) If you enter your wrong password the system will lock you out after a number of attempts. However, remember you are responsible for your password – give it to someone else at your peril! Just like a pin number – don’t give it away or write it down anywhere obvious.

4) The servers that hold your data are held in facilities that have biometric systems to be able to get into them, they don’t state what biometric systems they use – but remember the movies with eyeball up to the scanner? This may not be as far-fetched as it seems.

5) Xero retains a number of copies of all Xero users data in multiple geographic locations. Therefore it would be highly unlikely they would all be taken out at once by a disaster of epic proportions. Let’s face it – if the disaster was of that scale, chances are you would be more worried about your life than your business.

I hope that helps to clarify any security concerns you have for using the cloud-based system called Xero – but of course, if you have any questions or queries, call me and I can talk you through it.

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