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Accounting Calculators

You can use these calculators to quickly and easily work out some of those slightly trickier accounting calculations you need when running your business. Don't forget to bookmark the page so you can get back here easily next time.


Think the numbers are too high and you'd like to find out more about reducing your tax burden? Give Mike or Daniel a call today to discuss your options.



Need Help Calculating GST?

To calculate the amount of GST in a figure enter the gross amount and the calculator will work out the GST
* Required



Income Tax Calculator

Use the Taxable income form to calculate the amount of New Zealand income tax payable
NB: this is for individuals only, not trusts or companies

Contact us if any of these situations apply:

  • Your tax is over $2,500
  • Income over $35,000 and you are receiving weekly family assistance payments.
  • Your income is over $70,000.
  • You feel your tax bill is too high and you would like a free tax review.



  • Select your balance month from the dropdown list to see your Due Dates.