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York Stone & Associates - March Newsletter 2019

York Stone & Associates - March Newsletter 2019


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  • GST Checklist

    This checklist forms the basis of the information to be included in your GST return and should be used as a guide by you to ensure that our office receives all information required to complete your GS...
  • What advertising avenue is best for you?

    Without exposure, businesses would come and go very quickly. Advertising requires you to know your target audience and what form of media they would consume the most.
  • When is a gift not a donation?

    If an individual pays “…a monetary gift of $5 or more…” to a charity they are able to claim 1/3rd of it back from Inland Revenue (IRD). Prior to 1 April 2008, individuals could only claim donation...
  • Cash Flow Strategies

    Cash flow strategies are important to implement in a business. Without profits and positive cash flow, you can struggle to survive.