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What’s up with your accounting team?

What’s up with your accounting team?

Summer is near, and we are diving into it with a new wind of enthusiasm. November is an exciting month for “Your accounting team!”, because we launched our new logo on Facebook.


If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, we encourage you to. The first roll out for our logo started there, our letters to you, then Mailchimp. Now, through our newsletter and eventually our website, but wait, it doesn’t end there.


Shortly, we will be filming short videos. “Yes videos! Our first one will be an “Ask Campaign”. Instead of assuming, we want you to tell us what accounting topics you want to know more about as we work towards video themes. So watch this space. Our journey ahead is about investing in our partnership with you. It is to understand and help each other better using different ways of doing this


Finally, your team will be attending the Xero workshop 20th November at Forum North. We might see some of you there and the office will be closed for the day. We will be working on us, so we can work better with you. Happy reading.


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