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Annual Accounts year End Checklist

Nancy 342

Dear Clients,
This Financial Year arrived with a twist.
In less than 24 hours and with the help of technology the Yorke Stone team set up shop to work from 
our homes and ready to support you during the lock down. We continue to monitor the situation and
what the rest of the year will bring. 
The new Financial Year also present an opportunity to review the success or shortfall of your previous
business year. Please make time to go through this document, it is designed to capture all the
information the Yorke Stone team will need, to do your Annual Accounts accurately and efficiently. 
Use the checklist on each page as your guide, to identify what relevant supporting documents we
need you, to send back to our office. Each section will indicate what those documents are. Eg,
invoices, bank statements, working for family’s information, home office measurements, insurance
policies, hire purchase agreements etc. 
Please note, not all sections will apply to your business and put a line through the pages that do not 
apply to you.
To add extra value to your business, when we complete your historical Annual Accounts we should 
have a planning session. This session is an opportunity to “map your next business moves…” and
how to apply last year’s learnings to the business practise and goals of this financial year.
We look forward to working closely with you this year and thank you for your business last year.
Kind Regards, 
Dan and Nancy and the team.

Important Dates

York Stone & Associates 272
21 October: Quarterly FBT return and payment due

Correctly Terminating An Employee

York Stone & Associates 237
Termination is often a complicated and awkward area for any business owner, but is a situation that needs to be handled thoughtfully and compassionately.

IRD Moving Away From Cheque Payments

York Stone & Associates 213
The Inland Revenue made an announcement in September that they will be moving away from cheques payments as they become increasingly digital.